Grimm’s Automovation Electrical Systems Repair in Frederick, MD

Whether your vehicle is a compact car or a heavy duty semi truck, Grimm’s Automovation can quickly repair any problem with its electrical system. Shorted grounds and corroded terminals corroded terminals can cause serious electrical system problems in your vehicle. The complex electrical systems in modern vehicles, including heavy duty trucks, RVs, buses, and vans, have tolerances down in the single millivolt range. Certain sensors can only be checked with specific readers. At Grimm’s we have the expertise and equipment to diagnose and fix your electrical system!

Grimm’s Automovation offers auto, truck, RV, and electrical system repair for all of Frederick County and surrounding areas including: Middletown, Thurmont, Brunswick, Urbana, Libertytown, New Market, Mt. Airy, Myersville, Adamstown, Buckeystown, and Urbana.